About VCSA

Villa College Student Association (VCSA) is the student body representative of the Villa College, and was founded with the aim of promoting the welfare of and furthering the interests of the students of Villa College. It provides a structure which will enable students to be involved in the governing and decision-making process of Villa College.

It encourages active involvement of students in activities and services that enhance the interaction among students, enrich their college experiences, foster an awareness of student community and a larger college community. VCSA helps in presenting the voices and concerns raised by the students to the College management.


Aims & Objectives of VCSA

 To foster entrepreneurial skills and spirit among the students of the College;

  To promote student engagement, and welfare activities while furthering the interests of the College

 To make representations to the Student Services and ensure student’s voice is heard on all matters related to student affairs

 To represent the College and the student body at national or international level in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College

 To organize and conduct student academic and recreational activities for the overall wellbeing of students

 To foster inclusivity among the VC student community

 To advocate for and protect the academic rights of students of the College

 To nurture a culture of democratic values and good citizenship amongst students

 To represent students on College bodies in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College

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