Resources for current students

Resources for current students
Q1. Will Villa College refund the fees the student has paid if the student does not attend classes?

The general answer is no. If you want to stop coming to classes, you are allowed to withdraw from the course according to the withdrawal and refund guideline. If you don’t withdraw within the given dates, you will not be given a refund nor can the fees be transferred to the next semester. Remember that if you don’t withdraw within the withdrawal period you are required to pay the full semester fee.

Q2. Will I have to pay the second instalment if I withdraw from the course before the exam registration?

Yes. You are required to pay for the Semester even if you don’t register for the exam.

Q3. I discussed withdrawing from the course with the faculty / department / lecturer, but did not submit a withdrawal form, will my course fee be refunded?

The answer is no. You are required to submit the withdrawal form within the withdrawal period in order to claim the refund.

Q4. I did  not receive the payment notification by SMS, will I be subject to a fine if I pay after the payment deadline?

Yes. The payment notification or reminder will be displayed on the notice board two weeks prior to the payment deadline. You may also be notified by SMS (however, this might not always be the case), but SMS are sent to the numbers given to VC, and there is always a chance the SMS may not reach the student due to various reasons.

Q5. If I am unable to attend an exam due to a serious illness, do I need to pay for that module next trimester?

The answer is no, if you submit the medical report (not just an MC) within 7 days. You would be eligible for the “exam only” option and you will have an “I” grade in the transcript till you complete the exam. However, if the exam is not completed within 1 year, your transcript will show an “F” grade.

If you do not submit the medical report within 7 days you will have to re-sit the module and pay the required fee for the module. In this case your transcript will show an “F” grade.

Resources for current students
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Resources for current students