Government Grant Scheme

Government Grant Scheme

Process for applying to study under the government’s Bachelor’s Degree Grant Scheme

1. Apply for Admission for the desired programme from Villa College. You can apply online through Villa College website (

2. Receive the Offer of Admission from Villa College, along with programme fee schedule. All the information required by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) will be available in the Offer of Admission

3. Apply for Bachelor’s Degree Grant Scheme by submitting the required form to MoHE. You can submit the form through My Education Portal of MoHE, which can be accessed through Please make sure that you submit all the necessary documents. You can refer to MoHE’s Policy on Bachelor’s Degree Grant Scheme for the details of the documents. The policy will be available through MoHE website (

4. MoHE will process the application as per their procedures. If you have any queries at this stage, please contact MoHE directly for more information.

5. If the application is successful, MoHE will directly provide the fund to the applicant. Hence, when registering and enrolling at Villa College, you will be required to pay the full course fee as per the fee schedule provided