Library rules

Library rules

Library rules and regulations


Behaviour in the library

§  Silence should be maintained in the library. All library users must ensure this.

§  Books and other materials should not be taken out of the library without checking them out at the circulation counter or obtaining permission from the librarian.

§  The use of laptops is permitted in the library provided that they are quiet.

§  The use of equipment likely to disturb or distract other users or to damage library materials is not permitted in the library.

§  Mobile telephones must be set to ‘silent’ mode in the library.

§  Bags, raincoats, and similar personal belongings shall be deposited in the lockers provided.

§  Personal copies of books, handbags, files, folders, and the like, if allowed into the library, may be subject to examination on exit.

§  Bottles of ink, correction fluid, and other potentially damaging substances may not be taken into the library.

§  Food and beverages are not allowed, except for a small bottle of water.

§  Smoking is strictly prohibited.

§  The open access computers in the library are for the convenience of all students. Therefore, no student shall monopolize these computers.

§  Any form of recreation inside the library is strictly prohibited (the library is a place for studying and research).

§  Library staff are empowered to stop any activity in the library which they consider prejudicial to the safety, well-being or security of readers or library staff, or to the preservation of the collections. Such offenders will be reported to the discipline committee of VC or VIHS.


Use of library materials

§  The marking of any library materials, bending corners of pages, removing or tearing pages, or any form of defacement is forbidden.

§  All members borrowing and returning library materials shall produce evidence of identity.

§  Members should be responsible for the items checked-out in their name and the item must be returned on or before the due date.


§  All the students, lecturers/teachers, and staff of the Villa College and Villa International High School are welcome to use the library.

§  Fill out the library registration form to become a library member (Please note that only members can borrow materials from the library). For online registration, go to library.villacollege.edu.mv.

§  The Villa College student or staff card, or another form of recognition such as a national ID card or passport, is required to borrow materials from the library.

§  Members must inform the library of any changes to their current contact number.



§  The library uses KOHA (an integrated library system) for library operations. Using KOHA, users are able to:

a.       search for all Villa College Library items;

b.      reserve items; and

c.       check current loans and loan history.

KOHA link: / library.villacollege.edu.mv


§  Circulation

Below are the loan periods for different types of members.

a.       Each student may borrow up to 2 items.

b.      Staff and lecturers of VC or VIHS may borrow a maximum of 5 items at a time.


General Books

Staff Collection

Text Books

Past Papers



VIHS students

14  days



7 days

3 days


College students

14 days


Maximum 3 months


3 days



14 days

Maximum 3 months


14 days

7 days



14 days




7 days



§  Reference services (locating materials)

§  Photocopying / printing: MVR 1.00 per page

§  Access to online resources


Charges and fines

Overdue charges are MVR 05.00 per day per item.

Damage to library materials

o   Missing spine label - MVR 05.00

o   Text doodled on, highlighted, or if there is tip-ex outside - MVR 20.00

o   Text doodled on - MVR 50.00

o   Torn cellophane - MVR 10.00

o   Pages torn or pages removed from the spine - MVR 20.00 – MVR 100.00

§  If the user repeats any of the damages above 3 times – the user will be suspended for one month (though they may be allowed to use the library and refer to materials).

§  In case material borrowed from the library is lost, the member must return a copy of the same material to replace the lost one, or pay the cost of the item.

§  If one-third or more of a book is damaged (such as soaked with water or torn) the user has to replace the particular book or pay the cost of the book.