Center for Postgraduate Studies (CPS)

The Centre for Postgraduate Studies (CPS) is a growth initiative of Villa College that was established on 26th August 2019, with a directive (REC/2019/03) from the Vice Rector. The purpose of this initiative was to rationalize the functions of the Institute for Research and Innovation (IRI), by splitting its roles to IRI and CPS.

CPS is mandated to carry out four major functions. These include: The management and coordination of supervision of postgraduate research; conducting research support activities; design, develop and deliver research-based academic programmes;, development and review of all research-related policies, procedures and guidelines. 

Dr. Mohamed Adil, the Deputy Vice Rector is in charge of overseeing the overall functioning of CPS. Under the Deputy Vice Rector, CPS is headed by the Dean, Dr. Ahmed Ali Didi.

Master of Research Studies

Dive Master Course